How to pack Marble Bathtub?

How to pack marble bathtub? Please our packaging of marble bathtubs as following,

1, Internal quality check and cleaning:

Before packaging, our quality inspector at Xiamen Sino Top Stone carefully checks the marble bathtub’s quality from the inside and ensures that it meets our standards. Once confirmed, we thoroughly clean the bathtub.


2, Protect corners and edges:

We wrap the marble bathtub with transparent film and then pack it securely in a wooden crate. We also use foam pads or tubing to protect the corners and edges of the bathtub, preventing any damage during transportation.


3, Labeling and tagging:

To ensure proper handling, we label the packaging with tags like “fragile” and “marble bathtub.” This reminds the handlers to handle it with care and avoid any unnecessary impacts.

Please note that these steps represent our standard packaging method, but we are flexible and can accommodate any specific packaging requirements you may have. Feel free to reach out to us for further discussion.


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