Details of Thin Granite tile

Details of Thin Granite tile

Our factories have produce the Granite thin tile more than ten years.  There are some detail information as following:

The Main market:  Germany, Romania , USA, African etc.

In Germany, Granite thin tile also call calibrated tile, It mainly sells at the Supermarket.

The size 305*305*10mm and 305*610*10mm.  Quality demand: Surface polish over 85 degree, thickness tolerance: +/-0.5mm, Packing: carton box with wooden crate.

In USA, the size and quality demand is same with German, but USA market like the colorful material like Kashmir Gold granite, Tan brown and so on.

Africa country Algeria, Tunis also import large quantity of the Granite thin tile, Most of them can accept the thickness +/-2mm, but few of them also want +/-0.5mm, mainly import Chinese local granite like G603, G602, G361, G654 and so on.

Informaiton of the Granite thin tile

1) Finished: Polished, Honed, Flamed etc.

2) Popular Thickness: 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm,

3) Popular Size:
a) 300×300 mm or 12”x12”
b) 300*600 mm or 12″x 24″
c) 400×400 mm or 16”x16”
d) 400×600 mm or 16″x24″
e) 457×457 mm or 18”x18”
f ) 600×600 mm or 24”x24”

4) Available material:
G602, G603, G633, G654, G361, Tiger skin white, Tiger skin red, China Juaparana granite, Black galaxy, blue pearl, Tan brown, Garenia white, imperial brown and so on.

5) Package & Transportation: Strong Wooden Crates/ Bundles & By Sea
a) 305x305x10mm 10pcs / carton,  40 carton /crate, 37.21m2 / crate, 1.02ton / crate.
b) 400x400x10mm 6pcs / carton, 40carton / crate, 38.4m2 / crate, 1.05ton / crate
c) 305x610x10mm 6pcs / carton, 32carton / crate, 35.72m2 / crate, 0.98ton / crate
d) 400x600x10mm 6pcs / carton, 32carton / crate, 46.08m2 / crate, 1.27ton / crate

6) Quality control:
polished degree above 85 up, thickness tolerance +/-0.5mm, surface flatness: +/-0.3mm;
color difference: pack separate with a little different color difference

If you are interested them, please contact to us. Email:

Wooden pallet for thin granite tiles

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